Private Healthcare Managed Services

Having conceived and developed the first fully private stones treatment centre in central London, The London Lithotripter Centre, now based at The Bupa Cromwell Hospital, Kensington. Impact Medical have provided and developed private services across the UK for over 13 years. Our 'Roll-on, Roll-off' service provides flexibility for private providers meaning we can efficiently utilise available space without blocking rooms with equipment during downtime and operate clinics at a time that best suits consultants and patients maximising opportunity and throughput.


Managed Service

The founders of Impact Medical were responsible for the development of the first mobile 'Roll On, Roll Off' in the 1990's, today the business operates over 64 mobile and static clinics across the UK. Our offering is a full service provision based on;

  • Delivery of state-of-the-art equipment delivered the evening before or on the day of treatment
  • Installation and testing of all equipment
  • The provision of a highly qualified and experienced Radiographer to deliver patient treatment
  • Patient management through treatment, working with the local team pre and post patient treatments
  • Removal of all equipment at the end of the treatment session.

Our managed service provision supports the running of a lithotripsy service within a private setting and we will support the local private hospital team in terms of service development and implementation. Our treatment model consists of patient treatment protocols including scheduling, pre-screening, pre-meds and patient communications. We also have an in-house resource to manage and implement radiation certification to ensure safe and compliant operations. For private providers with a Paediatric service we can support this with our specialist Paediatric ESWL service. Currently we are working with some of the countries leading children's hospitals including Great Ormand Street.

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Working With Impact Medical

Impact Medical are a pro-active partner to private healthcare recognising the need to drive patient throughput and work with local consultants. As a leader in shockwave therapy and innovators within this space our services now encompass not only Lithotripsy but also the use of shockwave therapy in Orthopaedics and sports medicine.


Service Development

With the development of shockwave therapy and its use within Orthopaedics and sports medicine along with Urology the scope for service development for private providers is growing. Leading these developments and pioneering work in elite sports, Impact Medical can support a private provider in accessing this market and the marketing of these services by utilising our experience and knowledge within these areas. .

To learn more about developing a partnership with Impact Medical, arrange a consultation or to understand more about how we can help you develop services call us on 0151 522 2520 or click the button below.